Kamronbek’s 3rd birthday


All the residents of Dubai know well the struggle of summer babies. Yes! They don’t get to have enough guests to throw a birthday party! Although Kamronbek is born on July 23, I decided to celebrate his birthday on June 10 and this idea came to my mind just two weeks in advance. I had only two weeks to plan everything from scratch. Real me is the type that complicates everything and this time I couldn’t be any different, could I? So I chose the theme first (as usual) and the theme was My little Prince, because my Kamronbek is my true little prince, and to be fair I just love this book since my childhood. Kamronbek wanted the Peppa pig though, but he can have it today at the nursery, on his actual birthday.


So, after choosing the theme I felt having something royal and started checking out the hotels, but hotels are always pricey so I canceled this option. I felt like everything is very complicated and contacted Shana (the event planner/designer and founder of Little Majesties events), just told the theme and didn’t bother with the rest related to setup at all. However, the main part of the organization, looking for the venue was there. Most of the incredible kids play areas were crossed straight away due to wall colors. I was looking for pastel and/or white colored walls. Honestly, the venue was my struggle until I thought of the Level Kids. Level kids is our favorite department store since we can always find anything we want in there and spend a good time at their special corners, and Kamronbek’s favorite is the Lego station. I knew that they offer birthday packages but I wasn’t happy with the party rooms sizes they offer but thought of giving a try. I never regret my thought of giving a try and reaching them out. They simply customize everything according to your theme, thoughts, wishes and even caprices. My struggle was that I wanted to have everything at one place so I required a big venue. Honestly, 90% of our conversations (emails, calls, WhatsApp messages) were related to venue. Party organizer and the relationship manager of Level kids were literally online for me 24/7 to customize the party, this is truly impressing. Finally, they planned the birthday as below and I loved this plan:


As you see we couldn’t arrange all in one venue due to Ramadan as the restaurant had no right to open the restaurant before the Iftar time, that’s the reason we had the animations and arts & crafts at the Little Wonders (party room) of Level kids. Also, the salon services should take place at the salon itself. However, all these rooms are located right next to each other on the same floor. Also, I asked the event planner/designer (Little Majesties Events) to include the schedule of the party to the invitation so guests could have the idea of the entire plan and knew where to be at what exact time. By the way, although we planned the magic show at the Little Wonders (party room) I changed my mind one day before the party and moved to Iftar time because I wanted the mummies to see the magic show too.


I found the magician online by simply googling magician in Dubai. Level kids can cut this hassle too and offer you their magician, but they work the particular companies who charge more than freelancers, that’s the reason I chose the freelancer. The rest of activities were provided by Level kids such as animations, arts and crafts and even the Belle En France services. I chose the hair braiding for girls, hair styling for boys but you can choose a lot more, they offer spa, mani/pedicure, face painting at their posh little salon for children. Level kids also offer the photographer for an event and the blogger/influencer part of me couldn’t miss this chance. I really like the point of Level kids having everything in house so you don’t need to look for more. They do offer literally everything required at the party according to your wants and pocket. You name it they have it, if they don’t have it they will get it for you, and if you don’t like the price they don’t mind skipping it and going back to the original plan. They are extremely friendly and flexible, that’s why I chose to contact the other services myself and they were totally fine with it.

Although the set up was organized by Little Majesties Events even better than I could dream of I should still organize the cake and sweets and the balloons. I typed balloons on Instagram and contacted the first 3 companies appeared and chose the most appropriate price wise. Since I should match the balloons with the theme, we should coordinate with the event planner/designer too. It was just a matter of few messages, price, and options list exchanges with each side (event planner and the balloons company). By the way, they offered me the delivery for only AED 30 but it seemed too big to me and I decided to pick up the balloons on my own. I know right? I do act strange and get too tight with money for very small amounts sometimes and I am never repeating this mistake of mine ever again. I remember driving to City walk twice, because of silly me feeling greedy for extra 30 AED. Anyways, I will make sure to remember it next time and ticking the delivery part.

I thought the cake part would be easy since I relied on Kakes by me (the same lady who baked the cake and sweets on Kamronbek’s last birthday) but I contacted her too late, she had other plans on the same day and couldn’t take an order. So I could only rely on my friend Malika who cakes very tasty and pretty cakes for the last 4-5 years. There was a risk of her not appearing at the party if she is arranging the cake and sweets because she prefers making everything fresh and mostly spends the sleepless night to prepare her orders but I couldn’t trust anyone else in such short notice. At last, I made her drink coffee and attend the party although she literally had no sleep the night before preparing our astounding candy bar. I still have her telegram messages (similar app to WhatsApp) with the photos of each step of cake, cupcakes, pops, and biscuits sent at 1,2,4,6,8 a.m. for my approvals. She knows well how picky am I and wanted to make sure that all going as I wanted. Yappy, such amazing friends I have!


The main part of birthday, the Iftar with magic show and the cake cutting ceremony took place at Le Patisserie Des Reves, the French restaurant of Level kids. I’ve been there a lot and like their food. Also, the restaurant is big and I could fit as many guests as possible. The restaurant manager was very flexible and she didn’t mind changing the menu three times according to my budget. Honestly, what I loved with the team at level kids (including the salon and restaurant) they don’t make you feel low budgeted or something, they are totally open to conversations related to budget and offer the customization of your choice. They don’t have the strict price list to which they stick, they do certainly have the price list and packages but they don’t mind going out of it and totally customizing your special party.

Overall, although I had the sudden plan of celebrating the birthday party way earlier and didn’t have much time for the organization with the Ramadan timings and all, this party organization was super easy. I was sitting at my office desk and organizing everything online (through emails / WhatsApp / messages/calls) thanks to flexibility, understanding, cooperation, and excitement of the Level Kids team, my beautiful Shana – the event planner/designer and founder of Little Majesties Events.

Speaking of Shana, I promised my self that my all events will be organized by Shana only, who knows maybe even the Wedding of Kamronbek will be totally planned and set by Shana. She eased my life and handled a lot for me. Nothing would happen without her guidelines and advises. Even the time I struggled with venues that made me feel like canceling the party she simply cheered me up and supported with advice. The word impressed is too weak to describe my astonishment to see the set up before the start of the party. There were even the paper boxes with the theme prints on the table. The jars on candy bar were filled with marshmallows, which I never mentioned and was thinking of on the way of delivering the balloons. The sheep from My little Prince? There was a big sheep holding the red rose in the glass and there was the small one. Airplane? Oh yes, it was there too. Basically, Shana designed the party with the details from the book and added the modern touch ups to it. It was beautiful and beyond my expectations.


You can head to my Instagram account to watch the videos of my Kamronbek’s birthday celebration and oh, by the way, his actual birthday is today. I want to thank my other friend who is as close as my sister, Guzal for arranging the video although she was invited to the party as my precious guest! Below are the details of all who put their efforts to turn Kamronbek’s birthday into Prince’s fairytale:

Event organizer/venue/photographer/coordinator Level Kids: http://www.levelkids.com Instagram @levelkids

Event planner/designer Shana: Little Majesties Events http://www.littlemajestiesdubai.com Instagram @littlemajesties_events

Restaurant Le Patisserie des Reves: Instagram @lpdr_uae

Hair Salon at Level Kids Belle Enfance: Instagram @belleenfancesalon

Balloons from Balloons Aterliear: @balloons_atelier

Candy bar by Malika: Instagram @malika_gaybullaeva

Videography by Guzal: Instagram @guzaldxb_photographer

Magician Vinay: Mobile 055 523 2597; 055 513 2597





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