Mother in town – Reham Shaltout

Let me introduce you all to another mother in town Reham Shaltout. She is born in Egypt, done her BBA and MBA degrees at American University in Cairo. After 12 years of experience in Marketing and HR she decided to leave her career to take care of her son Adam, but never stopped working, instead followed her dream and established the @dokaneve in her hometown and opened the branch in Dubai when they’ve moved since her husband got better opportunities in here. By the way, anyone meeting Reham, will admire her young look at first 🙂

How many children do you have?: Adam he is 3.5 years now. Dokan Eve was born at the same time so I consider it as my second child

How long have you been living in Dubai : 1 and a half year

How do you find Dubai as an expat mother: I think we are lucky to have the opportunity to live in a country like Dubai, it’s a melting pot of different cultures and I am glad that my son is exposed to this wide range of cultures and differences. Also I see Dubai as the land of possibilities, everything is possible to achieve if you work for it.

What do you think Dubai can offer your children?: Safe place to play and grow; Diverse cultures to be exposed to; Better education

How long have you been working: 12 years

What is the difference between working woman and working mother if worked before having children)?: I didn’t work in corporates after I had Adam but I had my work at dokan eve and I believe being a working mum is challenging because it is not easy to balance your work life and your family life.

 How do you manage to balance between work and family: My husband helps me a lot and my son always comes first.

 How do you spend your weekends/holidays: We love to travel so whenever we can we try to see new countries. Otherwise we enjoy the wide variety of entertainment in this country. We go to parks, cinemas, malls…the list is long which is another blessing of living in Dubai

How did you come up with an idea of Dokaneve. What does the name mean?: Dokan means little shop in Arabic and I have always dreamed of having a little shop that sells everything that touches my heart and feels unique for me from all over the world. I started by selling stuff that are imported but lately I started adding items that I made myself which is something I am proud of and plan to expand.

 Do you see the trust of mothers on buying from Instagram account?: Yes people are starting to trust online shopping lately and good customer service is key to having returning customers.

 Are you planning to have an actual store or prefer keeping it online?: I prefer to keep it online for the moment. However i participate in the ripe market for direct contact with customers and for marketing.

 What is your vision/target about Dokaneve’s future: I dream of expanding my handmade stuff to build my own brand however I will keep on selling stuff that I like from different suppliers from around the world

 Where do you see your self after 10 years?: I hope by that time I would have my own website and to be able to ship worldwide.

 If you had a chance, what would you change in your life?: I would start my own brand earlier. It took me some time to really take the step.

 Your suggestion to all mothers: Don’t compare yourself or your kids to others. Only you will know the best for your children. And enjoy your kids while they are young.

Check out my picks from Dokan Eve collections of dresses, skirts and tops. Not just outfits but also the pillow covers of Dokaneve are so pretty. Let me add that the quality is great and prices are very affordable, also the delivery is hassle free and quick.

Instagram: @dokaneve_dubai

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