Ella’s Creamery – not just an ice-cream parlor!


                            I know most of you might be judging me for taking my 2.5 years old to the place filled with “sugar” and on top of it writing a blog post about it. I have no bad intention and let me explain how did I end up allowing “sugar” to Kamronbek earlier than planed.

                            I am actually the type of mummy who follows all the requirements of modern medicine, so I had no – sugar policy till Kamronbek turns 3 years old. I did strictly follow my rules however not all the relatives do think that these rules are set by me for my child’s health benefits only (rolling eyes). I noticed that Kamronbek started recognizing the most of the sweets when he was about 2 years old and I obviously assumed that someone is secretly feeding him with “sugar” and got my confirmation after having a good talk with Kamronbek, who admitted everything. Yes, interestingly, Kamronbek started talking too early and by age of 2 he was able to clearly inform me everything that happens behind me, in addition, I did see with my own eyes how he’d been fed with large piece of cake along with fizzy drink in one of the family events by very close relative. That seemed the end of the world to me. Then I understood that regardless to the set rules of mine there will be other chances for Kamronbek to come across with those “baddies”. However, the fact that I did avoid “sugar” for 20 months of his first years helped me feel better. I continued following the rules till December 2016. December month was the month in which I wanted to shoot many hmmm…well… Santa Clauses. Every single Santa’s grotto visit or else the dinner with Santa would end up with a pouch filled with “sugar”. That was the time I started hating Santa first time in my life, but I couldn’t help it. This was the month in which Kamronbek tried every single type of “sugar” right in front of my eyes. Lollipops, candies, chocolates, marshmallow, jelly beans, m&ms, you name any type of “sugar” and Kamronbek tried that. Thank you, Santa, December 2016 was the time I crossed every single feeling of mine towards you (nothing personal though)! After this load of sugar, there was no chance for me to bring back my no sugar policy, so I set new rules and started taking easier. It is fine to have ice-cream and good chocolates (no snickers/mars/bounty and those types, only dark chocolate or expensive milk chocolate) no candies, lollipops and etc. Ever since I do offer him chocolate and ice-cream on daily basis to avoid the sugar demanding tantrums on shop counters. Not only that, it also helps me to avoid the all the rest types of “sugar”, as at least good ice-cream and chocolates are made of milk and cocoa which are good for heath. Let me put it that way to avoid the stress over “sugar”, all parents will understand me.


                                      When I got a chance of trying out Ella’s Creamery I hesitated for few seconds, then closed my eyes and quickly confirmed, because I remembered my childhood in which any chance of being loaded with sugar seemed a great fiesta to me, and we don’t go to Ella’s Creamery every day after all. Also, Ella’s creamery is all about shakes and ice-creams which are “safe sugar” in my listing (my personal opinion). I was so excited about the workshop and couldn’t wait for Saturday to come and kept on telling Kamronbek that he will have fun on weekend. My so awaited Saturday came and we headed to the Riverland at Dubai Parks and Resorts. We were shared with a little secret that we can park in Outlet village and walk down to Riverland to avoid the 50 dirhams parking fee and I am so thankful for this tip as Riverland is my favorite place for a walk, but parking fee always kept me away from it. Now I will be taking Kamronbek to Riverland more often since we both enjoy outdoors.




                                       We reached Ella’s Creamery just on time and were mesmerized with its bright vintage décor that is felt straight from the doorsteps. The workshop started at the very end corner of it with long sitting area table of which was set with bowls of eatable decorations of the Crazy Monster Shake. They’ve chosen the Unicorn Crazy Monster Shake for our workshop and Kamronbek refused to participate straight away. Let me enjoy my thought of girly unicorn theme that made him not wanting to attend the workshop, and not the crowd fear tantrum. When Kamronbek doesn’t want to try something, I take the chance of trying instead. There I ended up impatiently making the unicorn out of marshmallow while Kamronbek had been enjoying the bowl of pink M&Ms that were meant for decorations. It was our planned “Sugar Fiesta” so I wasn’t bothered with his bowl of M&Ms. Crazy monster shake making is quite easy for kids 5+ and those did enjoy it a lot. The colorful and fun steps of it did take my maximum attraction and I eagerly followed the steps to make my beautiful Unicorn Crazy Monster Shake. I proudly showed to Kamronbek my “artwork” and heard from him: “No mummy, this is my artwork”. That’s how boys are, mummy hard works and he claims it’s his job. Anyways, at least he did watch how I was making it, which is also engaging at his age.



After the workshop, maestro chef of Ella’s Creamery showed us the master class of the real Crazy Monster Shakes with strawberry and chocolate flavors. Everyone had a try of it. Kamronbek and I fell in love with the strawberry one and I guess we will be coming back quite often for it.



I also noticed the refrigerator with pastries and mini cakes, in addition, they do have all the common hot/cold beverages which are served in an extraordinary way. I received my latte with a hanger on a plate that was scooping the mini chocolate ice-cream in the mini waffle cone. It looked too cute but Kamronbek grabbed it way faster before I could snap the proper photo of it. Never less, I did manage to snap my friend’s latte with pistachio mini ice-cream next to it.





I know that most parents are against the sugar but it worth trying. Our little ones do deserve having sugar fiesta at least once in a while, so simply do close your eyes towards all the rules (as I did) and throw a party to your little ones at Ella’s Creamery on at least one weekend of a month, believe me you will be melting from the joy on their eyes and won’t regret or feel guilty at all!



P.S.: I expected sleepless night after the event but Kamronbek had a very sweet good night 8 to 8. Guess he did burn all the sugar rush on his long walk back to the car.


Photo credit: Guzal Mirkamilova Instagram: @guzaldxb_photographer



5 thoughts on “Ella’s Creamery – not just an ice-cream parlor!

  1. ginger and scotch

    Thanks so much for visiting Ella’s! The boys were all so sweet.

    I agree that it’s important to set limits with childrens’ sugar diet. My little ones eat healthy and are not allowed sweets 5 out of 7 days of the week. Weekends and parties we are more relaxed if they choose to have cake or ice cream.

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