“Meat” the Sir Loins & Sons at the Kite Beach

We are enjoying the chilled weather of Dubai and trying to stay outdoors as long and many as possible. Most of my Instagram followers are aware that The Beach, City Walk and the Kite beach are our most visiting outdoors (from the InstaStories). We had one of those chances to spend our last Saturday on the Kite Beach and have the meat load by Sir Loin & Sons. Counting my endless love towards meat I just couldn’t miss the chance of reviewing the Sir Loin & Sons menu and we headed to Kite beach by late afternoon with Kamronbek and his scooter (his forever friend), my photographer friend and her son.


What are the Sir Loin & Sons? It’s a food truck going around the cool places of Dubai and offering the slow cooked meat fitting the Sirs and certainly their Madams too. It’s quite popular at Ripe Market and Street Food Market. One of the trucks have been “permanently” stopped (for next 5 months) at the Kite Beach and we were there at celebration day of their new stop.


I heard the drum vibes from quite far and definitely knew where to head to find the Sir Loin Food Truck. We spotted the balloons and the Food Truck with the name we were looking for and met Mike, who cheerfully greeted us and arranged the seats. He briefed the menu with all those posh names I never can catch properly so I asked him to offer us the best from the menu and some corns for kids. I spotted those corns from very far and so wanted to offer to Kamronbek as those looked delish while being cooked on the 6m custom-built Texan smoking rig.


While we waited for our food, the drummer approached our table and offered Kamronbek to try drumming. You should simply see his excitement as he loves drumming (from his nursery’s weekly drums class). Thankfully I have a friend with talents who can capture all the amazing moments and she did snap the photo of Kamronbek’s joy while drumming.



Soon our table was served with the huge chunk of rib, potato chips with beef and cheese on top, corns sprinkled with cheese and soft drinks. Honestly speaking the rib looked dry to me and I thought of getting disappointed while taking the photos of food. I was so wrong with my visual judgments. The meat was extremely juicy and too tender to grab by fork and simply melted in my mouth. Gosh, I felt like driving to Kite beach in the middle of my lunch break when typing about the meat on my desk as my mouth is watering, remembering that tender chunk of ribbed meat. It was also too big for two adults. Kamronbek had the quarter corn on the side of the rib and refused the whole big corn so I had to have it for sake of avoiding of food waste (joking, I just love corns). I think I discovered the tastiest corn in town. The combination of sweet corn with sour cheese was incredible, softness and juiciness of the corn are other big subjects. I liked the French fries with beef and cheese but I was too full to have it all, it can replace the meal by itself or serve as a heavy bite for your long walks on the Kite beach.


The fact that all of it happened in a chilling atmosphere and drum vibes by the beach with fresh breeze made my Saturday and not only mine. Kamronbek was so happy to ride his scooter nearby us, play the sand under the table and just run around bare feet while we were busy with food.


Find them at https://www.facebook.com/pg/sirlointruck/about/?ref=page_internal

Photo credit: Guzal Mirkomilova Instagram @guzaldxb_photographer




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