Not a picky eater, though…

Most of the parents of toddlers face an issue called “picky eater”. I don’t have this issue with Kamronbek or else I just don’t get into it (he eats what he wants whenever he wants). However, I have an outfit issue with him. All he wants is to wear panties and the “tiger shoes” ONLY. YES, he does name his shoes as tiger, dragon, rabbit and etc. Basically, animals don’t miss their presence anywhere in his life. By the way, he doesn’t have the animal’s print on his shoes, he just named them as per his imagination. For example, the tiger shoes are the crocs that are the combination of blue and yellow colors. He simply saw the shoes and said: “oh, tiger shoes! Nice”. Dragon shoes obviously, the ones that have wings, the rabbit ones are the whites and so on. Yet he only wants to wear his “tiger shoes” although I’ve explained him zillions of times that the tiger shoes are for swimming pool and beach only. Other preference as an outfit, just panties. Nothing else. That is why we have those dramas every single time I want to put the clothes on him.


His home “wear”


Certainly, nobody wants to have the outfit dramas from early morning or on a rush while being late to somewhere; therefore, I try the following tricks to make him wear the outfit I want (separate and/or in combination)

  1. I put the TV on with his favorite cartoon. He gets distracted while I put his clothes on.

  2. Circus time. I start changing my voice, role play and ask to be a good helper for a quick dress up.

  3. Play while dressing up. Cuddles, tickles, giggles, jumps, dances everything fun and active works in here.

  4. Miss Kate thread. Miss Kate is his teacher at the nursery. She is quite tough. So sometimes I “call” (pretentiously) Miss Kate to take an “order” about the clothes to wear.

Each of the above works depending on his mood and the conditions. Sometimes I do the combination of few. You can see it’s a trouble anyways. That’s why I try to practice the followings as much as possible for him to compromise when I need:

  1. I let him be naked or jut with panties throughout the time we spend at home.

  2. I let him wear his “tiger shoes” at home whenever he wants to.

  3. Occasionally I let him wear his “tiger shoes” to nursery

  4. Sometimes I agree to put his panties over his pajama

  5. I let him choose from the options: “Can we keep the tiger shoes for other time and choose one of these?”

  6. I let him choose his outfit time to time and astonishingly admire his choices.

  7. Lately, I figured out that “matching game” worth playing. I dress up, choose the similar outfit for him, then tell him “wow you are going wear the same shirt/shoes/pants as mommy”. So now you know the reason behind our “matchy- matchy”


He insisted on putting his tiger shoes on the International Day at his nursery


Overall, I’d say there is no certain way of making your little one follow your desires. They are little humans with their favorites and wants, sometimes even own eye on fashion. Try to think from their perspective and do let them have the fun of having own decisions as much as possible or else “enforce” your desires as gentle as it can be. Fashion industries do appreciate the uniqueness so the panties over pajamas can bring back the “Superman” trend.


Going for a walk when 14 degrees outdoors



7 thoughts on “Not a picky eater, though…

  1. workingmotherof2

    Just this morning we had to change 3 outfits until little miss stopped crying and went to nursery! I use all of the tips you mentioned and yes the matchy game works wonders especially when her brother is involved but sometimes, we have a meltdown until even daddy get involved 🙂

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  2. Hi! I'm Zeyna!

    It’s great that you try so many different ways of getting him to wear his clothes. Master Z was going through this same phase a couple of months ago and it is SO frustrating, but thankfully it seems to have ended now. I hope this too is a phase with Kamronbek and it ends soon!

    Liked by 1 person

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