My V-Class experience…


Once again let me show off how lucky am I to review the pre-launched or newly launched products as one of the firsts in town. Coherently, I was invited to the test-drive event of Mercedes-Benz V-class. I was so impressed with an invitation that I didn’t even bother googling on a photo of the V-class. When we arrived at the designated place with my photographer friend Guzal (my social media followers know her well from my Insta Stories) I was a bit disappointed since it was in some parking in Studio city. Later I cheered the moment we were seated in Mercedes van to be dropped at the venue where the actual event would take place. We were brought to a warehouse with grass laid on sides of the entrance, the edge of the red carpet inside the warehouse was luring my eye side, yet I was tempted with shining black S class and GL parked on the laid grass. Although my sanity was whispering my fantasies the class of the parked cars, I excitedly asked those huge fit guys wearing black and chatting next to the cars: “So which one is the V-class” and one of them replied “The one that just dropped you” … My disappointment was back again… “so I came all the way to Studio city to test drive a van” – I thought. Oh yeah, I do have my evil part in me. Unwillingly I let my friend to the warehouse, everything seemed black to me, but I had a glance behind the registration to see the vans around with different theme arrangements next to it. Later on, I found out that it’s not a van at all, it’s a new range of family/business / travel, basically all in one spacious car. I was totally surprised to hear the semi-technical parts of it, well “clear to understand by any women” presentation from the Production Line Manager if we put it honestly.


Now my thoughts have been cleared and the disappointment got vanished and my curiosity took its main place in my brain, as I got to know that V-class is the next generation of Viano. With my husband working at tourism I know so well about the Viano, mostly it is a luxury transfer car for VIP tourists. I used to think that Viano is a van and can be driven by a driver with the specific driving license, however, the V-class is a car, which can be owned by any individual with valid driving license, because of the weight of it. When I browsed around the warehouse to check out each V-class presented in different options I’ve started simply falling in love with this car. The variation for family use is just perfect for a large family and it’s totally your choice to have it with facing seats and a convertible table in the middle, or bench of seats or one of the other 7 main variations out of too many options (it can be customized to match your requirements).There I started dreaming of having my second one (it gave me an urge to enlarge my family ASAP) seating in a car seat while Kamronbek seating next to him or her and drawing on that convertible table with papers and crayons below the table that has the special holders. Since I am very family oriented I only dream of this option, but there were options for active life, which is the basic option with fabric seats and more space for the stuff the active individual or the family have (bikes, surfing desks and etc.) The business option is as classy and luxurious as business people in Dubai prefer having it. There is certainly an option for luxury transfer means as all varieties own the large luggage boot.


Then we had a short briefing with the safety instructions and the agenda of group test-driving after which we were led outdoors to choose our “own” (pity to say that for a very short while) V-class. Our destination was the 7th stadium, in where we were supposed to have the activities and I had no idea on how cool would be the activities. My experience of test driving was amazing. Let me point out the space you can enjoy at the driver’s seat or the passengers’ seats the moment you step into the car. Very smooth and comfortable driving as I guess all the Mercedes classes offer but I was astonished by the lightness of it while driving because I assumed that such huge body of a car would give enough heaviness for a driver to struggle. It also doesn’t let you feel the length of the car.  If I start the topic of its automatic features, the post will never end. Name any modern automatic features of today’s luxury cars, V-class can have it. The sleek and posh design with the big screen in the middle of the panel can make any mommy feel proud of owning this huge yet luxuries “baby”.


The moment we reached the destination and started with the planned activities I felt even more proud, this time in combination for myself and the V-class as I tried some adventurous drive with it. I’d received a load of adrenaline while snake driving in speed by not letting the cones fall, then a sudden break after the speediest drive, and yes, this car can do these moves regardless of its size. The Marshalls demonstrated the blind parking after the activities in which the driver is handsfree (the hands are off the wheel) and the car can identify the free parking slot and park straight into it while driver only breaks the pedals when required. I really didn’t feel like going back after all this fun, but we should drive back to enjoy the lunch with beautiful views at the Dubai Polo & Equestrian Club as it was the end of the event. I really enjoyed the test drive and was glad to know about this new range of family car as one of first. Hopefully, I will be owning it soon. Honestly, I liked it into an extent of dreaming of owning one and who knows…




Let me add some more details about this smart car (below information taken from the official website):

  1. Mercedes-Benz Intelligent Drive – series of driving assistance and safety systems designed to enhance comfort and support the driver. V-Class includes the optional Parking package with reversing camera or 360° camera (which I mentioned above) *1 and the optional DISTRONIC PLUS adaptive cruise control with COLLISION PREVENTION ASSIST2.

The Parking package with 360° camera is optionally available for the V-Class and V-Class AVANTGARDE.

DISTRONIC PLUS with COLLISION PREVENTION ASSIST is available as an option for the V-Class and V-Class AVANTGARDE.

  1. Seats

    variations. As a 6, 7 or 8-seater – the V-Class is exceptionally versatile. Four comfortable single seats are installed as standard in the rear. The 3-seater bench seats that can be fitted as an option in the first and second rear seat rows increase the potential capacity of the rear compartment to five or six.

  2. The COMAND Online multimedia system*1 provides high-speed hard-disc navigation with high-quality topographical 3D maps display and Internet browser. This enables dynamic route guidance whilst taking account of real-time traffic information (country-specific).

COMAND Online is available as an option for the V-Class and V-Class AVANTGARDE. A Bluetooth®-enabled mobile phone or smartphone with a data option is required to use all the functions of COMAND Online.

  1. The EASY-PACK tailgate*1 can be opened and closed electrically at the touch of a button and makes it easy to load and unload the load compartment.


    is extremely practical via the button on the vehicle key or the release handle on the tailgate.

The optional EASY-PACK tailgate is only available in conjunction with the EASY-PACK rear window for the V-Class and V-Class AVANTGARDE.

  1. AGILITY CONTROL suspension *1 with selective damping system ensures an appropriate balance between ride comfort and agility by varying the


    behavior, damping characteristics and stabilization in accordance with the road surface and driving conditions.

The AGILITY CONTROL suspension is available as an optional extra for the V-Class and as a standard feature for the V-Class AVANTGARDE.

  1. Climatized front seats. Climatized seats*1 for the driver and front passenger also provide three-stage ventilation of the seat cushions and backrests. As well enhancing the ambient comfort, this system dehumidifies the atmosphere, thus improving safety by keeping both the driver and front-passenger fit.

The climatized seats for the driver and front passenger are available as an option in conjunction with Lugano leather or nappe leather seats and with the seat heating for the V-Class and the V-Class AVANTGARDE.

  1. The 7G-TRONIC PLUS1 automatic transmission features seven speeds. These keep the engine speed down in every driving situation. The wide gear ratio range and finely graduated gears reduce the leaps in revs when changing gear – leading to comfortable gear-changing and fuel savings.

7G-TRONIC PLUS comes as standard on the V 250 Blue TEC. It is available as an option for the other engines of the V-Class and the V-Class AVANTGARDE.

  1. LED Intelligent Light System. The optional LED Intelligent Light System*1 features adaptive headlamps and adapt to suit prevailing light, road and weather conditions. The scope of the equipment includes High Beam Assist and the active light function, amongst others.

The LED Intelligent Light System is available as an optional extra for the V-Class and as a standard feature for the V-Class AVANTGARDE.

Photo credit: Guzal Mirkamilova. Instagram: @guzaldxb_photographer


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