Catch 22 at The Beach, JBR

Most of my followers on Instagram know well that I love food and I eat only in specific restaurants. I am not a type of trying a new place every time, I rather go back to the same old place I like for the same food I tried. So, my list of preferred restaurants is quite narrow, thanks or no thanks to my conservative mind and habits. Good news to me, that my list is expanding thanks to my blogging hobby, once more thanks to which I visit the places and try their food. Good news to you because I share my experience in terms of living in Dubai as an expat mommy, which includes the food experience. Let’s welcome my new favorite restaurant in Dubai, from my narrow list of restaurants – Catch 22, located at The Beach JBR (right next to Shake Shack).


When I am invited for a review, mostly I am offered with the set menu, however, this time it was different, I had a chance of choosing from the options of set menus. The first point that caught my interest is that they offer everything for everyone! The menu is adjusted to seafood lovers, meat lovers and the vegetarians. I am so sorry, but, I just can’t imagine the person loving the vegetables, that’s why I skipped the word lovers next to vegetables :). Maybe, I will finally fall in love with vegetables? Hmm… Don’t think it will be anytime soon. Since I skip the vegetables from the first offer, I had the two options: meat and seafood. I eat a lot of meat at home, so I mostly end up with seafood when we go out. You’ve guessed that you will only see the seafood photos below, haven’t you?  And you are totally right! Anyways, the place is perfect for large gatherings, since every individual can choose the food of her/his taste with this caring menu. Also, it’s pretty good for family dine out too, with their kids friendly attitude.

We arrived at Catch 22 by early evening, the weather was lovely and we decided to settle at outdoors, although I liked the bright, broad and funky design at their indoor venue. Kamronbek fancies the bright places and he kept on heading indoors throughout the dinner. In between his runs from outdoor to indoor and vice versa the waiter had offered him pencils and the pineapple shaped paper to color, while me browsing the seafood menu, which is always appreciated by most parents. So it was my plus point tick towards their services.  I was surprised to see their menu with the variety of seafood offered from soups and rolls to starters and main courses. I have no skills on describing the food, as for me you should taste and admire the food not just read about it, so you can simply see the photos below and admire the most delicious seafood in town (won’t be afraid of writing so as I am not exaggerating at all)!




We had the desert and the medium sweet Moroccan tea after our large dinner. I know, right? I am sure no woman in the world can ever reject the dessert after any meal, regardless of the size of it. Yes, this is my excuse :), I am just a woman who can’t reject a dessert, any dessert…after any food ;).  I was in love with their chocolate popcorn ganache, served hot in a pot with a vanilla ice cream on top and some caramel popcorns with berries around. I’ve not given sweets to Kamronbek strictly, his most of two years, but I can’t handle any longer his “poor me” looks over the table with enormous eyes staring at dessert with little hands pointing at it. That’s the reason I started offering him some of the desserts… sometimes…, so this time was one of those sometimes. After the first try, he simply pulled the pot into his embrace and shamelessly enjoyed the dessert on his own. I tried pitching in with my spoon to get some of it in between only.


I also want to point out that the prices are very fair which is quite surprising for a restaurant located at The Beach. By the way, you will really love the way they offer the bill to you, let it be a surprise and I will keep it as a little secret for you to find out.

I was invited to review the restaurant, however I am sharing my honest opinion.

Photo credit: Guzal Mirkomilova web: Instagram: guzaldxb_photographer



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