Wanna see the real cows in Dubai? Yes, you can! At Al Rawabi’s farm trip.

So far I mentioned millions of times, maybe, that Kamronbek is a big fan of animals, all sorts of animals. Into extend that once, to my question on which animal do you want to have as a pet, he simply yet firmly replied: “COW”

I was very glad to hear from my friend, the other mommy blogger, that Al Rawabi company hosts the farm trips which are totally free of charge. Obviously, I joined in the booking and excitedly waited for the day, not because I want to see the cows, but because my Kamronbek missed seeing them from our trip to Uzbekistan. Yes! We do have cows walking around the streets and roads in rural places as well as the mountains. Also, most of Uzbek families keep cows and other farm animals within their villa’s backyard. Kamronbek used to visit the neighbors’ and relatives’ houses to see cows, lambs, goats, horses, chickens, roosters, gooses and even turkeys almost every day back in Uzbekistan, during our last visit.


Al Rawabi field trip was a great chance for me to show cows to Kamronbek once again since we have no hope seeing them in the streets of Dubai :). We arrived at the Al Rawabi field with my friends and their children by 10 a.m. where the smiling representatives and a bus waited for us. We were asked to take our seats in the bus and wait for the tour which was supposed to start within 10 minutes. It was a great chance for me to give a brief introduction to Kamronbek about our tour ahead. I know he is just two, but I tend to inform him our plans/schedules ahead of time, for him to feel involved. He actually gets really proud and happy the moment I start sharing our plan or schedule.


The bus started and we had our first destination to Dairy Museum. The dairy museum had beautiful cow prints on the wall with facts about cows and milk mentioned on. There was a  corner with old milk production methods and few corners with statues/dummies of local people extracting milk from camels and cows. The main part of the Dairy Museum is where you can watch the actual times milking process from the window.


In the next stops, we saw the Cooling Process of Milk on the Farm and Transport of Milk from Farm to the Plant, as well as the Food of the cow in the enormous storages. In between the stops we saw the cows passing by the special routes towards their “chilling” places or just relaxing under the shaded places, specially arranged for them.

The representative mentioned the following interesting facts:

When milk is taken from a cow, its temperature is 38°C. In order to kill any bacteria that may come, the milk is pumped into a cooler, where after 10 minutes, it is cooled below 5°C.

Milk is transported in cooled storage tanks to the plant. Whole milk is pumped into plant storage silos where it undergoes pasteurization, homogenization, and a further process to turn it into the tasty, healthy and quality products guaranteed by Al Rawabi.

Each cow has a unique ear tag – her ID through which the factory employees know her whole history from the date of birth through her whole life. Everything that happens to a cow is recorded in the system, so they can watch out over her and keep her safe.

The cows are very clean and well maintained. Besides being showered daily, they are also cooled with a special “air conditioning” system. To survive in the desert, where the temperature goes over 50C degrees in the summer, the automatic cooling system for cows applied within the farm. Whenever the temperature goes above 21C, the cooling system is turned on. The higher the temperature outside, the more cooling for cows, so they can live in suitable conditions.

5 veterinary doctors and a team of 15 veterinary assistants – the so-called “cow’s health team” are helping the cows 24 hours daily.

The “health team” is there to ensure that all cows are in good shape, that there are no diseases (infections), and that all milk that comes from the farm is 100% healthy & safe.

Apart from milk and cow theme, we’d been showed the juice making processes since Al Rawabi produces not just milk, but other products too, such as: yogurt, laban, and juices. Our last stop was in the packing factory where the final steps are taken place: putting the stickers on products, packing, and boxing. I was surprised to receive the goodie bags with Al Rawabi products on our way out. Kamronbek was excited to receive the coloring book with pencils from lovely representatives, who’d been so kind with Kamronbek during the trip.



The pen and the form to fill out was provided by end of the tour, sort of reviewing the company and its products


If you want to enjoy this fun and informative trip with your little ones for free, it’s as simple as below:

Head to: http://www.alrawabidairy.com/

Press: Book your Farm visit

Fill out the application and submit to receive the confirmation email.

Good to know:

Time Slots Details

Tours are on Friday and Saturday

 Friday – 3 trips – one at 10.00 AM , Second at 02.00 PM, third at 03.00 PM.

Usually only one trip on Saturday morning at 10.00 AM. Each farm tour takes 1 and half hour (1hr.30min).

The bus can take the maximum of 65 members (Adults + Kids) in one trip.

You have to reach the Al Rawabi factory on your own, the bus is only for the tour within the field.

Al Khawaneej, P.O. Box: 50368, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

 You can always call: 800 40 27

This post is only about the field trip, it’s not a sponsored post and I am not advertising the products of Al Rawabi.



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