Spookiest fest at Fun City

Kamronbek might get afraid of Minion costume, but will not even move his eyebrow while looking at sort of zombies and monsters. He is actually a big fun of Halloween characters, that’s the reason I was so keen to take him to Fun City’s Spookiest Fest on 29th of October at Oasis mall branch. The spooktacular event for children aged between 3 and 9 years old is one of the largest fancy-dress parties in the region and comes filled with a host of spooky fun, games, and prizes for children to enjoy.


Parents with the best planning skills can still fail to arrange the day because our little ones have their own plans for each day. Kamronbek decided to skip his nap on that afternoon and fall asleep on our way to Oasis mall by very late afternoon. I passed the trick or treat welcoming pathway on my own with sleeping handsome on my arms, thankfully he woke up while entering the entertainments room.

All the excitements started from there on. Dancing and acting activities engaged the kids of the room to fun filled atmosphere. The best dancer and the best actor competitions took places after every dancing and acting session in which even parents had been actively supporting their little ones. The team was great in pumping the mood of everyone and involving all in Halloween-themed activities, such as Mummy Wrapping and Monster Freeze and much more.

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They even had a presenting part in which every child was invited to the stage for a photo and introduction after which was handed a goodie bag. All children enjoyed the play time at Fun City and the kiddie meal at Mcdonalds after the event.



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