Modhesh World – indoor heaven for your little ones!

I’ve started noticing few photos and videos of mommy bloggers recently in a place called Modhesh world. I was so curious to know more about the place since I wanted my Kamronbek to be as active as outdoors being indoors during the heat of unusual hot month of Dubai. My research started by then. I found out that the place is located in Trade Center and open since June 27th, 2016. There I planned our trip to the world of Modhesh.

Dinosaur park
Bouncing castles
Bouncing castels
Turtle’s mission impossible

We arrived at Trade Center and realized that it’s an enormous indoor theme park filled with all types of attractions and adventures for kids of all ages. Also, it’s not a new campaign at all; it’s been 17 years since it launched first by the year 2001 it just gets bigger, better and more adventure packed. They have new additions this year, such as Dinosaur Park, Haunted house, climbing walls and free falls, 50m Zip lines, and bigger Ice Rink.  What I liked more about the park is that they divided it into two: for younger and older kids, access to both is from the same entrance and you can easily switch from one to other.


We headed to the hall for older kids since we were told the stage shows take place in there which includes: The Magical Garden, Modhesh Universe Adventures, Under the Sea, Trampoline Show, the B-Boys Show, the Diablo Show and Mime acts and much more. However, Kamronbek had his own plans on where to start and he went straight to a petting farm house. I usually don’t take Kamronbek to petting farms since they keep all the animals in one small fenced area and kids simply walk around animals, this scares me, but the one in Modhesh is totally different. It’s is a farm house with actual allocated fenced areas for each animal and certainly, cases are above the reach of children. However if you and your child want to touch the animal, the pleasant staff grab the animal out of fence for you. Kamronbek enjoyed feeding all the animals; he even offered seeds to Parrot several times. He touched the snake but was afraid of pony. I enjoyed being in the petting farm personally, but we were excited the rest of the place.


The rest of the place is filled with fun of super rides and attractions. Name any ride you know or don’t know, they have it. I called it heaven for kids. Photos will tell more though…



I was always afraid of rides so I handed over Kamronbek to daddy and went to my little heaven 😉 They have varieties of pop-up shops with accessories, clothes, souvenirs and much more. This area is just right for moms to get distracted from routine and make a quick shopping then catch up with excited husband and kids to have a bite in nearby food courts.


Meals will do well too since the place is huge and full of fun that makes the time stop for the entire family and of course feel hungry. I was impressed with choices of offered kids friendly and healthy food in today’s trended food trucks from famous restaurants in town, such as Big Chefs, Saj2go, Pots, Pans and Boards, Fruteiro and many others.

We enjoyed our burgers and hotdog from Big Chefs and Kamronbek loved his coned margarita pizza from Pizza on the Go and the fresh mango juice from Thai Fruits and Juices.


Kamronbek rushed to rides after the food, daddy followed him, so it was my me-time once again. I enjoyed watching different line stage shows and entertaining going around this magical world. One of the amusing shows for me was the one on ice skating, during which Kamronbek joined me with daddy and he got interested with a show too, he even clapped and screamed “Bravo” when the show was over.


We wouldn’t leave the place if it wasn’t too late, but we promised Kamronbek to be back by every weekend and now we are spending our one weekend of each week in this magical world which will welcoming the families till August 27th, 2016.

Good to know:

They are open 10 a.m. to 12 midnight on weekdays and 10 a.m. to 1 a.m. on weekends.

Entry tickets: 20 AED per person and free of charge for kids under 3 years old

The Modhesh world is a cashless world, so you need to simply top up the special card to pay for rides and food.



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