A smile for life with Pierrot Oral Care

Healthy and beautiful teeth to boost your child’s self esteem

One of the most common health problems faced by children today is tooth decay. More than

50% of toddlers suffer from tooth decay, which leads to cavities usually caused by unhealthy eating habits and poor oral hygiene. This is as a result of parents not helping their kids form a habit of daily teeth care routine which could prevent too the loss, cavities. Rather than going to a doctor, this problem can be solved by adapting a good oral care routine.

Pierrot Oral Care is introducing their kids range in the United Arab Emirates which are manufactured using the highest quality and most advanced products in the market. As one of the most respected European brand in the region, Pierrot’s philosophy is:

To provide customers with the best possible service and End-Users with the best of products

Their products are made solely with the purpose of transforming brushing children’s teeth into a pleasant activity. The products come in different flavors, fun characters and shapes.

Pierrot’s range of oral care for kids include:

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Dental Gel Piwy 2 in 1- It combines the benefits of toothpaste and mouthwash. This 2 in 1 solution also comes in a strawberry flavor to make it easier for kids to use. It gives long-lasting freshness which would keep your smile bright throughout the day.

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Piwy Dental Gel (Toothpaste) – Piwy dental gel is a toothpaste which comes in two flavors, strawberry and apple. Made using a new formula which includes calcium and

fluoride that fights tooth decay and protects gums.

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Toothbrush- Pierrot’s toothbrushes come in different shapes, sizes and colors

They are easy for kids to hold in their hands and use because of its non-slip handle.

Pierrot’s kids range makes it easier and fun for children to adapt to a daily oral care routine.

Pierrot’s products are available in the following Outlets:

COOP (Union, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Emirates), Carrefour, West Zone, Al

Maya and Safeer Group at reasonable prices


For more information, visit:


About Pierrot

Pierrot is an oral care brand which belongs to Fushima-Spain.

They have been manufacturing highest quality products from last 65 Years. Their kids range are made with care using the new formula which provides kids with the best dental care to help them stay away from cavities and gum issues. Pierrot is distributed solely in the UAE by Al Ittihad Drug Store (IDS) for more information, visit:




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