Animals loving toddler & his parents’ trip to Zoo

My Kamronbek loves animals, especially jungle animals, so we used to take him to Dubai Zoo, but lately the weather got “warm” and we should stop our Zoo trips. My husband came in with cherishing news that Abu Dhabi Zoo is huge and air conditioned. Had no idea how Zoo can be air conditioned, but knowing UAE’s “we can do anything for your comfort” lifestyle, appointed a Zoo trip with my husband and Kamronbek. Exactly, we do make appointments within our family, as we (all three of us) are too busy fellows with tight schedules.

We were supposed to move to Zoo early morning of one beautiful Saturday, but I quickly changed the schedule to afternoon, in favor of attending Noah’s Garden’s birthday event. I tend to do that and my hubby is too used to it, nowadays, so he simply frees his entire day for us, whenever we plan something for half day.

The Zoo is located in Al Bahia, quite easy to find by following the signs and pretty close to Dubai, about 45 minutes of drive, if you don’t have stops by petrol stations for snacks and juices as we did, and if you don’t have a very “smart” toddler who likes filling up his mouth with dozens of nuts and his “smarter” mother who offered nuts (first choking hazard product) in the car, very “SMART”! Kamran loves filling up his mouth with anything and chewing in slowly anything he has filled his mouth with and I don’t go against it as I am very confident with his “choking risk reflex actions” as I call. So suddenly he started using his technique “choking risk reflex action” in which he simply puts his fingers in his mouth to call the throwing reflex, whenever he feels a risk of choking. Have no idea how and where he got it from, but remember him first doing it when he was 9 months old, in a restaurant, when he felt a risk of choking with meat piece (it was just bit bigger of size he prefers ). Since I am very sure that this boy will never choke. Anyways, it is always good to have a smart and careful toddler “saving” his own life from choking, but it is not always as good as having such case in the car. We ended up stopping by the side road to clean Kamran, his car seat, and the car. Making my husband to stop the car ASAP when he was driving on the first lane was the terrible story, me looking at Kamran how he is managing his “choking risk reflex actions” while I am trying to unbuckle his car seat belt crying and yelling at my own self on why would I offer him nuts in the car… Still punish myself every time I remember that day. Thank God all went well and it was just another experience of parenting mistakes of mine. So good tips for parents: no nuts or similar size products while travelling in a car!

Kamronbek got excited seeing the entrance of the Zoo from where he’d already known that we arrived at the Zoo. We were lucky to have the parking right in front of the gate, and just for an information, the parking is free. Entrance to Zoo costs 30 AED per adult and 15 AED per child (below 6 years old) and free for kids under 2 years old. They also have the followings for a separate charge:

Special Experience Show:

Elephant Encounter

Sea Lion Show

Bird of Prey

Giraffe Feeding

Magic Show

Animal Care

Azonto Drum & Dance


Reptiles and Amphibians

The thing is that apparently Zoo has two parts: old and new. When you enter, you pass through and an old part which upset me a bit, because it was not at all air conditioned, it was the normal open area zoo. We’ve seen most of the animals, we went through the warmest tunnel to see the bear and tigers then ended up in camel and farm animal rounded area. However, Kamronbek was overwhelmed with a joy!


All this time my husband tried to cheer me up with different jokes as my face had a clear sign “why have we drove so far with the almost choking incident of our son to a simple Zoo which is not air conditioned at all” and he routed us back to giraffes for giraffe feeding experience.


There was a stall with giraffe’s food (sort of green plants) for AED 10 a bunch. The stole had a clear note saying that you have to open the bunch first, which was obviously not read by my husband (he never reads notes), who headed straight to Giraffe with Kamronbek and started opening the bunch with one hand on the air. Giraffe simply grabbed the bunch and left the feeding area with the whole bunch in his mouth. I had a nonstop laughter as I was watching the entire scenario from the side by snapping this moment and seen all the gazes towards my husband from other visitors, as giraffe never came back after having the whole bunch from my husband. Apparently my husband felt all the gaze too as he quickly led us towards a door to a huge and long air conditioned tunnel linked to corridors with huge glassed walls to see all the animals. YES, there was an air condition in corridors for people and a “misting system” to keep the animals cool in summer months.

There we understood that the Zoo has two parts and the old part of it is being slowly transferred to the new part. Kamronbek was jumping, screaming and running through corridors with excitement to see the animals so close.



Initially he got scared a bit to see the lion behind the glass wall facing him straight, just within a half meter distance, though, but he got used to it and started acting cool by calling the animals “Эй, лаён иди сюда” (Hey, lion, come over here) or else “Эй, слон, иди сюда” (Hey, elephant, come over here) and etc. We also passed through Emirates Park and Zoo Resort hotel, for extreme animal lovers who can stay in a hotel with Zoo view, I guess.



Kamronbek enjoyed his car ride with daddy for additional 20 AED. He never wanted to leave the Zoo, so as us. We really enjoyed our trip to Zoo for the first time in our lives, as both me and hubby don’t like the smell of it, which is not felt on the new part of this Zoo.



This review is not sponsored by anyone, we paid for the tickets and enjoyed our family time, I just felt writing this review for information purpose to all the parents of animals loving toddlers.



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