Noah’s Garden First birthday party

Noah’s Garden is an online store offering organic, eco-friendly and natural baby/child products. Two first time mommies living in Dubai, struggled getting organic yet stylish clothes for their own babies which clicked an idea of having an online store for likewise parents. This led them launching an online store in year 2015 called Noah’s garden. It is an online heaven for mindful parents seeking stylish, natural, organic and environmentally friendly products, ranging from diapers, apparel, nursery decor, baby skincare, bottles and utensils, toys, and maternity and postpartum products. The name of the store been inspired by Noah’s Ark suggesting a pure and happy beginning. The name “Noah” means repose, comfort and consolation and “Garden” reflects the natural and green aspect of the products they offer.

April 30, 2016 was their first birthday celebration. They announced a birthday party over social media and invited every mother, who approached them. Most of the lucky mothers even received an incredible invitation in a form of a balloon with sparkling confetti in it, which pops out of a box delivered to the doorsteps.

The party took place in a beautiful Fairytales, baby/child play area in Town Center Jumeirah. Babies/children enjoyed their soft play, arts and crafts and slide rides throughout the party.

There was a live guitar activity with lovely nursery rhymes and dances, which was a joy even for mommies as we all joined them to sing and dance along. There was a delicious, baby/child-friendly food station with many types of bites, vegetables and fruits, as well as fresh juices for mothers and their children to get “fueled” time to time, organized by Right Bite.

I was in love with a candy bar, made by Rasha (@rasharmeily). I wouldn’t call it a candy bar indeed, it was an incredible piece of art! Cake cut ceremony sounded cherishing, as if it was our best friend’s baby’s first cake cut, this is how warm and close we’ve been hosted by beautiful Yulia Al Fardan and Habbabeh Al Abbas.

We also had a lovely goodie bag from Happy box (@thehappyboxofficial), along with a voucher for Picture People photoshoot.


I was very impressed by this act of celebrating the birthday of an online store together with other mommies and their children, which simply showed how much they value the experience of motherhood and appreciate likewise people, mind you that they even never met most of the invited guests!

My best and sincere regards to amazing mommies Yulia Al Fardan and Habbabeh Al Abbas!



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