Breastfeeding: Very first session (after C-section)

Don’t think it is easy. It is not easy at all! You need up to two weeks to establish your proper breastfeeding (sometimes even a month). Nurses of Dubai hospitals are very professional and will teach you all, though you need to practice a lot to achieve a perfect latch-on. I will share my own experience of my very first breastfeeding session. Please remember that I had a C-section, which may differ from the first breastfeeding session of a mother who had a normal delivery.

The most upsetting part of a C-section is not the pain as you were told. The most upsetting part of it is you don’t get a chance having your newborn cutie little angel on your breasts as soon as he/she is born. The doctor hands him/her over to your husband/mother/sister/friend (whoever accompanied you in the operation room). My husband was with me all the time in my case and he was lucky to have our son on his arms first, for the next 45 minutes. The time that took to get stiches on, get checked by doctors and nurses, while they enjoyed their “father-and-son bonding” moments in other room. I was transferred in wheeled bed towards them and encountered funny yet sad moment. My husband’s despaired face questioning me on what to do with crying out his lungs little angel, who is hungry enough and searching for breast. He handed over our son and left to the corner to breathe out. I started undressing my breasts in a professional way thinking that my son will simply latch-on my breast and I will have a beautiful session of my first breastfeeding, as seen in movies. I was still laboring under a delusion.

The true story happened as followed:

One nurse holding my son, another holding my breast, third helping to latch-on. Me crying nervously and thinking that I won’t be able to breastfeed. My son actively searching for breast by shaking his head to sides very fast and crying out loud from failing to find it. There were several successful attempts that made me happy to the sky for a minute and dropped me down immediately after he is off my breast by losing the latch. This was the most stressful time. Somehow we achieved it. Three nurses, me and our little angel after very stressful attempts, we got it! My inpatient little angel calmed down, cuddled up and had a delightful first session of breast colostrum after which he fell asleep. We had such a problematic latching time every single feeding, that improved a bit with every next time. We became real pros by second month only (we had no single latching – on moment issue)

I am not sure if it is that difficult with all the mommies and babies, because in my case, I had huge breasts with small nipples and a very inpatient hungry boy who wanted the breast right away. However I wanted to show that these “painful” attempts never led me give up on breastfeeding. All the mothers might pass through variety of difficulties at first breastfeeding session or/and even for the first few months (from other issues) but shouldn’t give up. Breastfeeding is a natural skill that needs to be learned by “hard work” of both – mother and baby.


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